3DKNIGHT's exquisite wooden phone shell,wooden iphone7 cover

Nowadays, the phone shell is not just a protective tool, or a beautiful ornament. Usually, the phone shell with plastic or metal material, then whether the wooden phone shell is a good choice? The answer is yes. Wood natural, beautiful patterns, and then into the modern design, often produce stunning results. Here, take a look at several fine iPhone shells.(wooden iphone7 cover)

    Our design team is also very particular about the choice of wood, including walnut, cherry, maple, bamboo, zebra wood, ebony and rosewood. All phone cases are made of natural wood, hand polished to achieve natural wood luster, and then attached to the solid shell, in order to ensure that the phone shell is not falling or impact.

    Wood color, texture, and unique wood, so 3DKNIGHT wooden phone shell is very eye-catching in a public plastic shell, and the price is very affordable.