1. Name: Macbook case/shin

2. Size: Macbook (12 inch): 28.05X19.65cm

         Macbook Air (11 inch): 30X19.3cm

         Macbook Air (13 inch): 32.5X22.7cm

         Macbook Pro (13 inch): 32.5X22.7cm

         Macbook Touchbar (13 inch): 30.3X21.17cm

         Macbook Pro Retina ( 13 inch): 31.4X21.9cm

         Macbook Pro Retina ( 15 inch): 35.89X24.71cm

         Macbook Touchbar (15 inch): 34.85X24cm

         Without box weight

3. Weight: Macbook (12 inch): 34g

         Macbook Air (11 inch): 35g

         Macbook Air (13 inch): 42g

         Macbook Pro (13 inch): 42g

         Macbook Touchbar (13 inch): 40g

         Macbook Pro Retina ( 13 inch): 37g

         Macbook Pro Retina ( 15 inch): 54g

         Macbook Touchbar (15 inch): 52g


4. Origin: Walnut: North America; Cherry Wood: North America; Carbonized Bamboo: Jiangxi.


5. Composition: 0.3-0.5mm veneer + low temperature glue + tin foil + 3M glue


6. Process: Purchasing veneer back (has been affixed with black cloth) -> cut veneer -> veneer + low temperature glue + tin foil + 3M glue compound -> shape wood beer into apple veneer -> veneer surface treatment spray nitro ——>Finished QC——>Packaging


7. Properties: Prevent scratches, protect the macbook to prevent cuts and protect the macbook.

         Ligihtweight Construction is lightweight.

         Unique Veins unique texture


8. Buy: 100% naturel wood natural wood.

         Pure manual processing Manual processing.

         Unique product is unique.