3DKNIGHT Wooden Watch

    Over the years, the popularity of wooden watches has become more and more popular. In order to make profits quickly, using plastics, metals and other materials, we focus on wooden products, making beautifully artistic and retro-style watches. The way to tell the time. At the same time, we produce environmentally friendly products to meet the needs of consumers, and let experienced watch collectors pay attention to the fashionable nature of wooden watches.
One of the most distinctive wooden watches, simple and elegant design, stylish and casual, natural wood, let you be closer to nature, more environmentally friendly, wooden watches due to the small amount of metal used, so wooden watches The weight is very light, and many times, it is not recognized by the hand. Due to the absence of preservatives, dyes, etc., wooden watches are rarely allergenic.

       Wooden watches bring special temperature to the wrist, providing gifts for eco-lovers, especially sandalwood. The smell is fragrant, the aroma of sandalwood can be fixed, the mood can be stabilized to help sleep, and the heart, liver, The spleen and kidney are good. There are many different types of wood that can be used to make watches. We offer cherry wood, carbon bamboo, maple, logs, walnut, safflower, red sandalwood, etc. These woods have their own natural attributes and different textures for each watch. They are all unique.